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Unit 3 lớp 11 Speaking – Hội thoại A party

Bài học Speaking Unit 3 Lớp 11 – A Party hướng dẫn các em thực hành hội thoại hỏi đáp với nội dung xoay quanh tiệc tùng.

1. Unit 3 Lớp 11 Speaking Task 1

Think of a party you have been to. Choose from the list the things you want to talk about. (Nghĩ về một bữa tiệc bạn đã tham dự. Chọn từ danh sách những thứ bạn nghĩ bạn muốn nói đến.)

Bạn đang xem: Unit 3 lớp 11 Speaking – Hội thoại A party

– Whose party was it? (Bữa tiệc của ai?)

– What was the occasion? (Nhân dịp gì?)

– Did you take a gift for the host? (Bạn có mang quà đến cho chủ nhà không?)

– Who did you so with? (Bạn đi với ai?)

– Where was the party? (Buổi tiệc ở đâu?)

– Were there any decorations? (Ở đó trang trí gì không?)

– Were there a lot of people there? (Có nhiều người ở đó không?)

– Did you know most of the people there? (Bạn có biết hầu hết mọi người ở đó không?)

– What sort of the drink and food did you have? (Bạn ăn và uống gì?)

– What was the music like? (Âm nhạc như thế nào?)

– Did you dance? (Bạn có nhảy múa không?)

– Did you meet anybody nice there? (Bạn có gặp ai dễ thương ở đó không?)

– What time did it start? (Mấy giờ buổi tiệc bắt đầu?)

– What time did it finish? (Mấy giờ buổi tiệc kết thúc?)

– Did you stay to the end? (Bạn có ở đến cuối buổi tiệc không?)

2. Unit 3 Lớp 11 Speaking Task 2

Work in pairs. Tell your partner about the party. (Làm việc theo cặp. Nói với bạn học về buổi tiệc bạn từng tham dự.)

Guide to answer

  • Dialogue

A: I have just been invited to my friend’s house for dinner.

B: Oh, how nice. What do you often do when you are invited to someone’s house?

A: Well. It’s a custom to bring a small gift.

B: Really, like what?

A: Maybe some flowers or something for dessert.

B: And is it alright to bring a friend?

A: Well, if you want to bring someone you are expected to call first and ask it is OK.

B: Uhm. How long did the party last.

A: The party lasted two hours. We often talked together. Some sang or play music. We enjoyed the party very much.

  • Bài văn gợi ý

It was Nam’s 17th birthday party. I was very glad to be invited. I gave him a brithday card and a good book as presents, he liked them a lot. I came to the party with some of our mutual friends. The party was held at Long’s home. Though it was not a big one, it was very cozy and full of happiness. There were many his friends and relatives joined and I knew most of them. There was a variety of food and drinks. I enjoyed some cocacola and fresh fruits. Music was fast and furious. My friends were dancing passionately while I was talking with some new friends. People there were really friendly and humorous. The party ended at about 9 p.m. I came home with high spirit. It was really a memorable party.

3. Unit 3 Lớp 11 Speaking Task 3

Work in groups. You are going to take part in a competition to organize the best party. Decide on the following. (Làm việc nhóm. Bạn sẽ tham dự kì thi tổ chức một bữa tiệc tuyệt vời nhất. Quyết định các vấn đề sau:)

Guide to answer

– budget (quỹ): 300 000 VND

– date and time (thời gian): 7 p.m on October 31

– who to invite (khách mời): classmates, English teacher

– place (địa điểm): my house

– formal or informal dress (trang phục trang trọng hay trang phục thường): informal dress

– decorations (trang trí): colored light, bulbs, answers flowers

– entertainment (giải trí: âm nhạc, trò chơi, …): dance, music, games

– food and drink (đồ ăn và đồ uống): pizzas, hambugers, cake, fruit juice, …

4. Unit 3 Lớp 11 Speaking Task 4

Tell the rest of the class about your party. Try to convince them to come. (Kể cho lớp về bữa tiệc của bạn. Cố gắng thuyết phục mọi người tới dự.)

Guide to answer

We are having a Halloween party at 7 p.m on October 31 in my house. Would you like to come? We have also invited English teacher. There will be a lot of food and drink that you like as pizzas, hambugers, cake, fruit juice, … . Of course, there will be dancing and some exciting game with interesting prizes for winners.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm

Như vậy là các em đã xem qua bài giảng phần Speaking Unit 3 Lớp 11. Để củng cố kiến thức bài học mời các em tham gia bài tập trắc nghiệm Trắc nghiệm Unit 3 lớp 11 Speaking.

  • Câu 1:
    Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer

    A birthday party is a celebration that occurs to celebrate the birth of the person being honored. Birthday parties are celebrated in many cultures. While a child’s party is usually at home and consists of soft drinks and sweet food as well as some main courses, adults’ birthday parties in Western countries often take place in bars or nightclubs where a range of alcoholic beverages are consumed. 

    In Western cultures, particularly in the United States, birthday parties are often accompanied by colorful decorations such as streamers and balloons. A birthday cake is often served with candles that are to be blown out after a “birthday wish” has been made. While the birthday cake is brought to the table, the song Happy Birthday to You is sung. Wealthy people or celebrities may hire an event management agency or a party service to organize a birthday party. 

    The birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday tradition in Western cultures since the middle of the 19th century.

    The cake, or sometimes a pastry or dessert, is served to a person on his or her birthday, and is often decorated with small novelty candles, with the person’s name and a message of congratulations inscribed with icing. The phrase “Happy Birthday” did not appear on birthday cakes until the song Happy Birthday to You was popularized in the early 1900s.

    Tradition holds that the person with the birthday may make a wish, which will come true if all the candles can be blown out in one breath.

    Birthday parties are celebrated ___.

    • A.
      only in the USA
    • B.
      in Western countries
    • C.
      in many countries
    • D.
      all over the world
  • Câu 2:

    Children’s birthday parties are celebrated ____.

    • A.
      at home
    • B.
      in nightclubs
    • C.
      in discotheques
    • D.
      in bars
  • Câu 3:

    In a child’s birthday party, there is not____.

    • A.
      sweet food
    • B.
      soft drink
    • C.
      a main course
    • D.
      alcoholic beverage

Câu 4-10: Mời các em đăng nhập xem tiếp nội dung và thi thử Online để củng cố kiến thức về bài học này nhé!

6. Hỏi đáp Speaking Unit 3 Lớp 11

Trên đây là nội dung bài học Speaking Unit 3 tiếng Anh lớp 11 – A party, trong quá trình học tập nếu có thắc mắc hay cần trợ giúp gì thì các em hãy comment ở mục Hỏi đáp, Cộng đồng Tiếng Anh Trường Cao Đẳng Sư Phạm Hà Nội sẽ hỗ trợ cho các em một cách nhanh chóng!

Chúc các em học tập tốt và luôn đạt thành tích cao trong học tập!

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